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What is Boundless Breathing?

Hi, I’m Michael Crush, the founder and breath coach of Boundless Breathing. 

Over the last few years "Breathwork" has become a bit of a fad. My goal with Boundless Breathing is to teach Functional Breathwork. This is breathing that is physiologically efficient and tailored to a specific activity, such as running, surfing or even resting.

I also utilise the psychophysiological aspect of breathing which explores how mental & emotional states interact with physical breathing patterns. If applied correctly, this can be one of the most effective tools for stress management

That’s why I created Boundless Breathing, offering a range of services tailored to your needs and goals, such as:

  • Private coaching: Get personalized guidance and support from me and achieve your personal goals

  • Surf apnea: Learn how to hold your breath like a pro surfer and conquer the waves with ease and grace

  • Corporate Training & Events: Empower yourself & your team with breathing & mindfulness techniques, that boost your health, productivity, and resilience

  • Breath & Ice Bath Workshops: Learn how to breathe in a way that turns cold exposure into a meditative experience, increasing your resilience to stress in everyday life

I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of breathing. If you're motivated to take back control of your physical, emotional and mental health, then your journey starts here!


I offer a wide range of services so look at the list below and see if there's something for you. 

I'm all about helping you, so if you can't see what you're looking for and have any questions then feel free to contact me anytime.

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Sports & Fitness

Had an amazing experience with Michael Crush. He facilitated a corporate event at our company and everyone was left feeling the exact same way..relaxed, energised, and with a greater sense of awareness and connection to our bodies and mind. Michael was full of knowledge and I loved that he explained everything in great detail. I am so excited to continue using these tips I learnt from him to reduce stress not only in the workplace but in my personal life as well. Would highly highly recommend Michael for a corporate event. Thank you Michael!!

I didn't realise how much I needed this. I have seen Michael a bunch of times now, both online and private sessions and it has helped me so much. He is calm and warm and super knowledgeable. I look forward to more sessions and wouldn't hesitate in recommending him.

The Surf Apnea course was an amazing experience, having learnt so much in the three hour course. Michael was highly knowledgeable and safely guided us in a deeper understanding of how our body works in multiple situations above and below the water. Everything was clearly explained and practiced to get the most out of this course. I highly recommend all ocean lovers to take this course.

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