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Corporate Trainings

  • Are you in a high-pressure work environment?

  • Are you looking for proven and effective ways to manage stress and increase performance?

  • Ready to take the first step towards a more productive and balanced workplace?

Suitable For: 

  • Teams in search of an engaging and impactful experience that positively influences their mental and physical state

  • Businesses prioritising the enhancement of their employees' welfare and performance

  • Companies seeking to nurture their workforce and enhance their organizational culture

  • Those looking to add extra value to an upcoming conference, staff retreat and executive training


Training Options

Face-to-face: In person keynote speaking, workshops and classes. These can be done on or offsite. We go through the theory and science of breathing and its relationship to the nervous system followed by a guided breathing session.  Interactive options such as Ice Baths are an optional extra. Multiple sessions/classes recommended 

Online/Virtual: A new landscape of the corporate world has emerged where workplaces have staff all over the country and world. Or maybe it's easier to get your staff together online. Either way, I've got your back

Full Day Interactive Workshops: Take the day off work to dive deep into the world of breathing. Interactive activities to put your skills to the test and I collaborate with business and performance coaches to give you a complete experience. For an example of what a 1-day workshop could look like, check out my "Mindfulness in Action Workshop"

Why Boundless Breathing

  • Boundless Breathing offers a non-esoteric approach to breathing and mindfulness making it more accessible to a wider range of your employees and executives

  • Increased Resilience: Studies (e.g., Harvard Business Review) link mindfulness to improved resilience, enabling individuals to navigate challenges effectively.

  • Stress Reduction: Research (Journal of Occupational Health Psychology) shows a direct correlation between mindfulness and reduced stress levels, leading to a healthier work environment.

  • Enhanced Focus and Productivity: Studies (University of Miami) demonstrate that mindfulness practices positively impact attention, focus, and overall workplace productivity.

  • Customer Presence and Connection: Mindful communication fosters stronger customer relationships, as outlined in studies by the International Journal of Business Communication.

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