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Michael Crush
Breath & Mindset Coach


I've dedicated my life to the exploration and mastery of breathwork, and I'm passionate about helping you unlock the boundless potential that lies within your breath. Using powerful techniques inspired by Buteyko Breathing, Mindful Respiration, and Freediving, we can work together to optimize your physical health, emotional balance, and athletic performance.

As an adventurer at heart, I've integrated the principles of breathwork and mindfulness into challenging real-life experiences, like ice baths, apnea training, and even skydiving. My approach is about action, about harnessing the power of your breath in tangible, practical ways that ripple out into every corner of your life. This isn't about breathwork in isolation - it's about making breathwork a core part of your life, a tool for resilience and strength, whatever life throws your way.

My call to action is simple: "Breathwork & Mindfulness - in action!" Together, we won't just learn the theories behind these techniques; we'll put them into practice. We'll push boundaries and defy limits. We'll optimize your athletic training and recovery, tackle stress head-on, and discover just how far the power of your breath can take you.

Join me on this journey, take a deep breath, and let's unlock your limitless potential with Boundless Breathing today!



My journey towards Boundless Breathing has been anything but ordinary, shaped by life-altering experiences and decades of thrilling adventures.

Born from a near-death experience at eight years old and a subsequent 20-year career in adventure tourism, Boundless Breathing is the culmination of my personal odyssey of exploration. This unique lens through which I've viewed the world always brings me back to one thing: the breath.

As a skydiving instructor for a decade, I integrated breathwork into my teaching practice, helping students regulate their nervous systems for a safer and more enjoyable experience. I discovered a fascinating correlation: those struggling with their breathing on the ground were more likely to panic when jumping from the plane. By identifying these patterns, I began to offer in-depth breath coaching during the ascent, resulting in phenomenal transformations.

This revelation sparked a question: "What if this power could be harnessed to change lives universally?"

A serious injury in 2019 catalyzed my immersion into the realm of breathwork, diving headfirst into areas that piqued my curiosity. I devoured knowledge from sources as diverse as Apnea Survival, Buteyko, Oxygen Advantage, and Freediving, along with yogic breathwork, meditation, books, podcasts, and scientific literature. I was voracious in my quest to learn.

Today, through Boundless Breathing, I share my accumulated wisdom to help others unlock their potential and explore their mental and physical limits. My sincere hope is to collaborate with you, using the incredible power of breath to heal, energize, and uplift our bodies, minds, and spirits. Let's embark on this journey of breath and transformation together.

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