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Surf Apnea Training

Breath Control + Breath Hold Ability = ​Epic Surf Sessions
  • Are you interested in improving your breath-holding abilities for surfing or other water sports?

  • Are you looking to increase your confidence and comfort level in the water?

  • Do you want to learn techniques to safely extend your breath-holding time while maintaining control and awareness?

  • Are you interested in learning about the physiological and psychological aspects of breathing and breath-holding?

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Byron Bay's Only
Surf Specific
Apnea Course

Welcome to surf apnea training for surfers and water enthusiasts of all levels. Combining lessons from freediving and big wave surfing, this course could be the key to taking you to the next level.

Surf Apnea is designed to help you improve your breath-holding abilities, increase your confidence and comfort level in the water, and develop a deeper connection with the ocean and your own body. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, I'll provide you with personalized instruction and support to help you achieve your goals.

The Surf Apnea Course is available to private groups, individuals and as an extension to those offering surf retreats. 

I offer a variety of training options to fit your needs, budget and schedule. Including online courses, in-person workshops, and private coaching sessions. The program is based on the latest research and trends in surf apnea and breath-holding training and uses a holistic approach that takes into account your individual needs and goals.

At Boundless Breathing, I believe that surf apnea training is not just about holding your breath for longer periods of time, but also about developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for the ocean and your own mind.. The program emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, relaxation, and self-awareness, and teaches techniques for managing fear and stress in challenging surf conditions.

Whether you're looking to improve your surfing performance, increase your wave count, or simply enhance your overall health and well-being, the Surf Apnea Course is the perfect place to start.

Contact me today to learn more about the Surf Apnea Course and start your journey towards bigger waves, and a deeper connection with the ocean and your own body.

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Surf Apnea Course
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