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Breath & Ice Bath

Unleash Your Inner Resilience
  • Would you like to work with a certified and experienced coach who can guide you through these practices safely and effectively?

  • Do you want to experience the benefits of Breath & Ice Bath Exposure in a private group setting with friends or colleagues?

  • Are you planning a wellness retreat or event and looking to offer unique and impactful experiences for your guests?

  • Are you interested in learning techniques that can help you reduce stress and anxiety?


A breath and ice bath session, when guided by an experienced professional will build resilience and help prepare you for the challenges of modern life. 

Whether you are organising a retreat, event or simply gathering a group of friends, this session offers an opportunity to explore deep relaxation and the limits of your mind and body.

The breath portion of the session is designed to recharge your dopamine levels, by allowing you to tap into your inner peace and calm. A breath-focused NSDR protocol (Non-Sleep, Deep Rest) is like the equivalent of a 3hr sleep when it comes to recovery. It's like recharging your body's battery. 

Then..... we ice bath, which, in contrast, will be a challenging and intense experience. The idea behind the ice bath is to observe how you breathe in a stressful situation, in this case, cold shock. You'll learn how to regulate your breathing and control your nervous system under my professional guidance. 

If you have access to your own ice bath, pricing may vary, so it's best to contact directly to discuss options. 

This method of breath and ice bath has proven to be hugely beneficial for both physical and mental resilience and allows you to connect with yourself and your group on a deeper level.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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