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Skydiving Lessons for Life: Top 5 Life Lessons from a Decade of 5 Lessons I've Learnt From Skydiving

Updated: Jul 10, 2023


Consistency is key!

I used to try and get better by saving up and going to camps and events. Thinking that the high level of coaching at these events would help make me a better sport Skydiver. At some of these events I’d noticed that the people who were getting better were the ones showing up every weekend and putting in the consistent work. This is when I decided to stop travelling, live close to a sport dropzone (as apposed to mostly tandem) and wind tunnel. This is when I saw my skill level increase.

Lesson 2:

When you can make something fun, you learn it faster. If you’re struggling to learn something, frustration setting in, stop for bit. Remember why you’re learning what you’re learning. What about it brings you joy? Take that back in, play around and have some fun!

Personally I go so focused on “getting good” at skydiving I forgot why I was doing it in the first place.

I took a step back, reevaluated and brought in a sense of fun and play. As a side effect, that’s around when my skill level went up dramatically.

Lesson 3:

Community matters! Skydivers are a mixed breed of oddballs. I’m no different. We come in from all walks of life.

It’s a community that keeps me coming back. I’m far less focused on skydiving these days however the people I meet and the friends I’ve made have been a true gift I’ll always be grateful for them. They might be a bunch of weirdos, but they’re my weirdos. My people.

You don’t have to start skydiving, but find what you love and you’ll find the people you love there too.

Lesson 4:

The Journey!

Skydiving is one of those sports where you’re always “getting there”. No matter how good you get, when you get there, you’ll want to get better. Chasing Rainbows 🌈.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve. Enjoy the moments along the way. Stop and take note of how far you’ve come.

If your happiness is dependent on “getting somewhere” that you’ll probably never get to, you might never be happy. Enjoy the journey

Lesson 5:

My favourite, BREATHING!

Skydiving is an intense sport. You have to be able to down-regulate to perform and breathing is the best way to achieve this. Every time you take a breath you are sending a signal to your nervous system and vice versa. In an intense situation, if you aren't in control of your breathing, you aren't in control.

Here's a short breathing lesson that will help with skydiving and basically all parts of your life.

Try this with me right now. Tune into how you're breathing…... and just adjust it slightly by making it slower, smoother and quieter than it currently is. Thats it!!!

You have this power in every moment. This power is useless if never practised or applied. The choice is yours.

Keeping a cool mind is crucial for performance in any intense sport or environment.
Breathing lessons & Skydiving

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