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Five Lessons I've learnt from Freediving

Lesson 1:

My body and mind are capable of far more than I ever thought possible

Lesson 2:

When negative self-talk enters the mind, override it with something more positive and truthful.

“You’re not gonna make it” to “Focus on what you’re doing. You got this!”

Lesson 3:

My body belongs in the water. It makes natural adaptations for deep dives. The ocean is the birthplace of all life on Earth, including mine.

Lesson 4:

When I feel the urge to breathe, I still have plenty of oxygen. It’s just the carbon dioxide buildup and that’s healthy to build a tolerance to.

Lesson 5:

The Ocean is a fantastic

place. And as a species, we aren’t treating it right. It’s up to all of us to protect it. I don’t have all the answers to this lesson yet. I just know I want to do more than sit idle

Freediving is. mental game and has many lessons that apply to life. Not only breathing better but how to stay calm in the face of challenge
Freediving in Bali

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